Patient Testimonials

"Dr. Scott Glazer is, in my opinion, one of the BEST dermatologists in the Chicago area. I have been a patient of his, well over 25 years. He listens to your concerns and is genuinely caring about his patients. He has a very gentle touch and patient’s comfort and peace of mind is a high priority for him. I would highly recommend Dr. Glazer. I thank him for the many years of tender, loving care!"
"Dr. Glazer was recommended to me by my dermatologist (one of the top ones on the North Shore) to deal with facial spots of varying diameter created from sun tanning outside a great deal. I am a model and actor, so looking my best is important. I give this establishment outstanding high marks in terms of professionalism, breadth of services, fair pricing, and definitely the expertise to solve problems. I am totally pleased with the results and no one can tell what I had done. I rarely recommend businesses of any kind. But with Images Med Spa-Wilmette, I am making an exception. Their new facility in Wilmette is also state-of-the-art."

Dennis Anderson, Highland Park, IL

"I have gone to Dr. Glazer a few times for photo facial and laser resurfacing for acne scars, with nice results. Maria is a very good and gentle aesthetician. She offered some different options to lessen the pain, which was wonderful. Going back for more laser, targeting wrinkles and folds next. I'm not a fan of the filler look, so I'm happy that Maria suggested this. As info-the location is no longer in the mall, it's in a free-standing building at the corner of Wilmette and Skokie Blvd. Everything is brand new and gorgeous!"

Michele H., Evanston, IL

"I started going to Dr. Glazer over two years ago to treat a very bad chemical peel scar that I obtained from a past dermatologist. All of the professionals at Images that treated me were amazing in helping my skin heal, the right way (which takes time and patience), and making me feel confident in knowing that it would get better! It's been two years and my skin doesn't look the same! I went from hiding in my house from embarrassing scars, to feeling confident and knowing that my skin is healthy. I currently see Juana and I could not be happier! Not only does my skin look amazing when I leave the spa, but the skin care regiment she has put me on - for my particular skin type - leaves me with this amazing glow each day! The knowledge that Juana shares with me has helped me not only fix my skin but maintain it. Thank you Juana and the other professionals at Images Med Spa - I'm a client for life!"

Emily A., Chicago, IL

"I can't offer a general review of this spa, since I've only seen one staff member, Colleen, and I've only seen her for IPL. So I'll just review her work. I've seen five other practitioners for this procedure over the last 11 years, all in M.D offices. One was very good, two were so-so, and a couple were lousy - burned me, and didn't do an effective job. I've had the procedure in dermatologists' offices and an in a cosmetic surgeon's office previously. I mention all of this because I want to explain that I'm not evaluating Colleen's work in a vacuum. I've seen the good and the bad, so I have a solid basis for comparison. Colleen's work is as good as the best I've had (a highly regarded MD, dermatologist, trained by Patrick Bitter, a pioneer of the procedure). Colleen is thorough, competent, gentle and a very nice person, to boot. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family members. She's very good at what she does.Other than that, the staff is friendly and makes me feel comfortable during my visit."

Mima W., Chicago, IL

"I got a Botox treatment from Colleen for only $10/Unit and got great results!"

Ashley R., Chicago, IL

Love this place! Juana Solis did a fantastic job with my lash-line enhancer. I am very sensitive in the eye area so I was scared at first, but it turned out beautifully. She gave me very detailed information on what to expect and how to manage my eyes afterwards. I was puffy in the lids for about 2 days, but afterwards, everything looked normal. I didn't have to miss work at all. I love the look and it makes for a very low maintenance look when it's 100% healed."

Connie N., Chicago, IL


  • "I feel better than ever about my skin."
    Stephanie De Leon
  • "The care and compassion of Dr. Smith and staff are what keep us coming back to Glazer Dermatology"
    The Johnson Family

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